More than 75 years of expertise and innovation

Since 1945, Materiaux Paysagers Savaria has been developing and distributing the best soil mixes, sands, mulches, composts and stones. North American leader in its industry, the company has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise and efficiency by collaborating with a wide variety of customers. Landscape architects, engineers and many other experts today rely on Materiaux Paysagers Savaria for their projects of stormwater management, sports fields, plantings and many more.

Our products

A wide variety of products are available at Materiaux Paysagers Savaria. Products for grassing, planting, stormwater management, for recreation and sports fields, composts, mulches, sands, stones, etc. Here, you will find what you are looking for.

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Need additional information and an estimate for your project? Savaria team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Mineralized mulch GaLaDEKO STIXX®

Decorative mulch resistant to fire and breakdown, GaLaDEKO STIXX® has many advantages. Learn more about this increasingly popular product.

Why choose Savaria

Doing business with Materiaux Paysagers Savaria means enjoying plenty of advantages and the expertise of a whole team of passionate people.

Nearly 100 products available

The range of products offered by the company is vast and constantly evolving. New products are added each year and the laboratory team is working on developing innovative materials that will take your projects even further.

6 production and distribution sites

Savaria's production and distribution network is extended and adapted to customer demand. Located throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario, the location of our loading sites allows you to limit the transportation distance and better control your costs and your schedule.

Specialized & innovative products

At Materiaux Paysagers Savaria you will find the product you need, whether it is very specialized or rather versatile. In addition, the constant innovation that the company demonstrates allows a constant improvement of the offer and the quality of the products.

Quality, consistent and efficient products

The quality of the products offered by Matériaux Paysagers Savaria is always impeccable and the laboratory checks allow the team to ensure the constancy of it. The products purchased here are therefore always as efficient every time you place an order.

Delivery throughout Eastern Canada and the United States

In addition to welcoming you to the various distribution sites with your own trucks, you can request the delivery of your products in Eastern Canada and the United States. Then, you free your truckers for more profitable tasks related to your operations.

A team of experts

When you do business with the Savaria team, more than 30 experts come together to carry out your projects. An agrologist, advisors, operators, truckers ... enjoy an infinite bank of knowledge and skills during each of your communication.

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